Thursday, June 28, 2012


Yesterday I met my mom, sister and sister in law to hang out and take the little ones swimming...well if you know my mom this won't surprise you!  Talking at the park she says she has tomorrow off work and my sister is going down the next day to go camping and would love to take Reddek.  So needless to say I came home with no kids!  (yes we had to go shopping for clothes toothbrushes and underwear for them)  But it is so funny you spend your days thinking if I could have a minute for myself and then when you have it all you want is your kids back!  Jason and I enjoyed a night relaxing exercising and watching something other than the Disney channel.  I am so thankful for the wonderful grandma my mom is (and Jason's mom) my boys have a great relationship with her and my grandparents were older so I never got to go hang with them.  On Friday my mom works, Reddek will be camping with Rachel so little Rulon (2-1/2) will spend the day with my dad!  Yes Grandpa Curt is going to have quite a day with Rulon!  I can't think of when I just had Rulon, Reddek usually plays really well with him so good luck grandpa!  I am sure lots of rides seeing the animals and swinging will be going on.  I am so thankful for family glad my boys get to play with my parents! 

With the holiday coming up we will be spending the weekend with lots of family and I am so happy!!! I think my heaven would be my family and jason's family all living in a little town together partying every night...for those that know me know this is true.  Reddek will be ridding a sheep in the Mt. Pleasant rodeo again, and he is excited.  I love the weather going on I know we need rain and I hope we get some but playing in the sun every day with my boys is the way i LOVE spending my days!

Monday, June 25, 2012

We are hopefully going to be back!

I have been wanting to get back in the habit of posting on our blog.  It helps me reflect on what I am thankful for and a way to keep track of what we have been up to.  We are pretty much doing the same thing...Jason still working hard for us, the boys having more energy than both of us, and us loving the time we get to play with them. 

This little guy (Rulon) grew into this cute monster!  He is so funny and smart!  We love watching him play and he has to repeat EVERYTHING Reddek does or says.  He loves being a good boy loves "the boxer" by simon and garfunkle (the song) his favorite movie is Tron and favorite cartoon is bubble guppies.  He is very out going talks A LOT!  totally different than his older brother...for example buying a car the sales guy said "hey how are you guys?"  Reddek stares at the floor and Rulon responds..." hi I am Rulon I am two that is Reddek he is five."  lol it so describes both of them perfect! He is a great little swimmer we have been going a lot this summer.  We love him and are so happy to have him with us!

Reddek is still awesome!  He loves being the big brother...loves Baseball and baseketball.  He is having fun playing couch pitch this year and hits pretty good.  He has friends that he loves to have over almost daily.  His favorite movie is Transformers...favorite cartoon is Sponge Bob...favoite song is "comes and goes in waves" by Greg Laswal.  He is so smart and excited to start Kindergarten (makes me sad he is getting so old) and he wants to make sure I am NOT his teacher in big school!  He loves listening to music playing the guitar ridding his bike and of course going to get a sno cone.  This kid is the best kid I know (yes i am his mother so others will have another opinion)  he has brought so much happiness into our lives and we are glad to have him.

And jason has turned our house from this....

to this... (not the best pictures but he did awesome looks so much better!!!)
ok my pictures aren't on my computer yet!  but next post will be my new kitchen and living area! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

lots of overdue pictures

I am so behind so I am starting with Easter figure a short post and pictures for everything we have been doing! We had an awesome Easter...we always do:) We went to our city Easter egg hunt Reddek actually kind of got it so it was fun. Rulon didn't get it at all he started crying when they rang the bell and everyone started running. We went to golf with my parents and Rachel and her family that Saturday Tons of fun:) That Sunday we went to Jason's moms for a bbq and HUGE Easter egg hunt. The kids were so excited ... we put some money in a few eggs this year and they were stocked! I love our families and am so glad we have so many relatives close by so we can make fun memories for our kids. We are more than blessed just look below you will see my two cute reasons!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Fun

I can't believe school is starting again! I love my summers with my boys. I take total advantage of the time I have with just them to play play play!!! Jason is right when he says we haven't been home much this summer...we go to swimming pools, bike rides, walks, parks and grandma's house. I am so blessed to have summers off! I am also blessed to have two fun, crazy, cute, energetic, and nice boys. I am excited for Preschool to start but I will miss our lazy mornings watching cartoons and going for runs or walks...staying in pjs until 10 or 11 then swimming suits the rest of the day. It is sad to think this is Redd's last year before Kindergarten...I am going to miss my man but this year I will enjoy watching him play and learn at preschool. I can't find my camera to upload pictures from this summer! but I wanted to put down my thoughts before life gets too crazy again.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mY lItTlE mAn Is GrOwInG uP

Redd learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. Ever since I have been a mother I have feared potty training and teaching them how to ride without training wheels well my first has them both mastered! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? The cool thing is i didn't do much of anything for either one! The story...
It was Wednesday night almost a week ago about 4:45 I was in cooking dinner Redd was outside climbing a tree or playing baseball something outside, when he comes in and says I want my training wheels off. (we have tried this before took them off for a couple days he doesn't want to try it so I put them back on) I was like NO WAY i have to finish dinner dad is almost home and you have your last t-ball game in two hours. Redd not today. My neighbor which is one of my beehives says she will help him. Ok whatever we took them off. She helped him once and held on the seat and so I tried and got him going and let go. He was so good he learned so fast! That night he could start himself stop and turn. all within 20 mins. Jason came home and was really surprised! When Redd puts his mind to something he does it. You can't push him when he isn't ready he isn't ready but when he is watch out nothing is stopping him. I love this kid. Now tonight almost a week later he is at the instacare with his dad! He was turning totally wrecked and bit through his bottom lip. DANG:( I am sure it won't be that bad but I felt bad for the little guy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So life is fun and crazy as ever! I keep waiting for the time to slow down a bit but i have come to the realization it will always be crazy busy so i just need to enjoy it:) A day doesn't go by that I think of how lucky I am for my cute boys and Great husband...i don't know how i got so lucky but am glad i did! Last weekend I ran my first half marathon. For lots this isn't a big deal and it wasn't for me it wasn't very hard wasn't very sore, but lets go back about 9 years...
In high school I HATED running...i was one that would cheat on how many laps i had ran when we were suppose to run the mile. I just couldn't do it! In college my worst class was PE...yes i would rather take math biology chemistry anything but PE. THEY MADE YOU RUN 1.5 miles at the beginning of the year and then beat your time at the end. I passed i wasn't sure i would but my hot boyfriend (jason) was in the class with me so i had to step it up:) I started running before i got pregnant with Reddek. Jason and I lived in West Jordan and we would go to the gym together every night (oh the days before kids) so about every night i would run 1/2 hour and i HATED it! I continued to run through my pregnancy and stopped hating it. It was a time I would gather my thoughts from the day and a great stress release for me. So to say i have ran a 1/2 marathon is CRAZY to me when i think about who i was. I now love running if I am stressed or mad I need to go for a run it gets all my frustrations out! I am now getting packed for Ragnar! HOORAY:) i ran it last year and mad some really good friends and we had so much fun. This year I get to run it with my friends i grew up with just across the street and their spouses. I know i am not going to get any sleep and miss all my boys like crazy but I am Super excited!!! Jason doesn't get it he thinks it is crazy to pay money to go run crazy amounts of miles...but he is good and supports me doing it:)
sorry boring post i have just been having these thoughts and needed to get them down somewhere before i forget! and we need a new computer so no pictures:(

Monday, May 23, 2011

I totally suck!!!

Well I didn't start blogging until Reddek was about 1-1/2 and now I have missed Rulon's first 1-1/ i am back on:) Life has been so fun lately. My boys play so good now, it is so fun to listen to them and watch them interact with each other. Rulon learns a lot from Reddek. Reddek understands Rulon the best...sometimes in the car Rulon will be fussing i will try all kinds of things to keep him quiet then Redd will say mom he just wants this and he is usually right I give Rulon that and he stops fussing. Everyday I feel so blessed to have the best two cutest boys!!! Rulon has been talking lately, his favorites are Thank you, Ball (of course), Bubble, Hi, Ni Night, Bye bye, cheese, uh oh, and Daddy. He is such a fun cute boy.
Reddek has finished his second year of Preschool! He knows all the alphabet sounds and names, can write them all and knows all the numbers up to 30 at least and can also write them. His birthday is in November so we still have another year of Preschool...what are we going to do?!? He has started reading small simple books. T-ball started again and Reddek absolutely LOVES it! He gets excited for his games and does great. I can hardly keep Rulon off the field he Loves balls!!! We get to start swimming lessons soon again I am excited I know Rulon will love it and Redd might take a little bit to warm up to the water but hopefully he will enjoy it. Reddek also did his first primary talk on Sunday. He did a great job! I am so proud of my boys and love them so much.
As for Jason and I we have kept busy doing yard work the few nice days we have had. We are also on a co-ed softball team which has been really fun! Jason still does music in his spare time between work and he just finished his GRE test to get into his masters program! I am training for a 1/2 marathon, Ragnar, and Epic this summer!!! I am excited for the races and hope it helps keep me motivated to get in shape:) I will be better at updating...because this summer I get to stay home with my boys!!! WE are going to have an awesome summer:)
If you have any preschoolers I am opening The Ranches Preschool in my basement next year. I have 3 or 4 spots open so let me know if you are interested.